In a world full of style magazines, makeover shows, and self-help tips, it’s hard to know how all this fashion and wardrobe advice is helpful to people like us.  What’s the difference between someone who doesn’t know what looks great or someone who can’t find the time to care about their personal appearance?

Just think how confident you would feel if you knew how to dress to look your very best every day and you could do it quickly and effectively. Looking and knowing you look great every day, not just occasionally, gives the freedom to completely focus and do your best at whatever your current occasion.

What we do for you:

1)A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? We will help you identify what makes you look your best
2)Supply you with a color chart with which to shop so you can choose the correct color and clarity of clothing to enhance your unique coloring.
3)Help you dress quickly and efficiently for any occasion.
4)Help you to understand how just a few articles of clothing can be used more effectively than a closet full that doesn’t work.
5)How to wear accessories—ties, pocket handkerchiefs, jewelry, handbag, or briefcase.