Fashion is an important and fun part of your overall look. I.E. helps create new clothing combinations from current clothes and assists with future outfit purchases. We make sure that your wardrobe includes clothing solutions for any and all occasions and will help you find these solutions on your budget. Each day you will look your very best!

examples of different types of wardrobe and styles

What is Wardrobe development:


An organized, cleaned out closet and clothes for every occasion.
Wardrobe development is a time we set aside to perform a little “closet surgery” (clean out your closet).
Because I have an extensive background in the Color 1 color system, (creating color charts):

  1. I determine my client’s best looks from the clothes they already own.
  2. I rearrange the closet so that it “works” for my client and their lifestyle. The client and I talk about clothing that need repair or cleaning and make a plan to take care of both those chores.
  3. Then, with my client, we create new looks from the clothing they want to work with (sans stuff that goes out of the closet — too small, too large, too old and out of style —).

Now for the fun part:

New and different outfits from the clothes left in the closet.

  1. Lists of garments and/or accessories that need to be purchased and prioritize their importance.

Of course, we discuss budget and lifestyle so you have something to wear to any event or occasion and you will be able to get dressed in about 15 minutes.