Color 1 Color Consultation and Charting Session

You will learn that you can wear all colors in the color spectrum, yes, even yellow and orange, in the shade and clarity that is correct for your individual look. I will work with you to determine your color type by looking at your skin, hair, and eyes and then teach you how to combine your colors. Doing this:

  • Saves you money

  • Provides education and a tool with which to shop

  • Educates people on their personal color type

  • Insures my clients look their best EVERY day

  • Eliminates feelings of stress and uncertainty about clothing selection

  • Increases self-confidence, mood and overall happiness

  • Changes the way the world looks at my clients

To look their best, people must understand:

  • color clarity (how clear/bright or toned down the color is) as it relates to their own skin

  • how to combine color on their body to create their color type look

  • their best level of contrast


Wardrobe Development

A Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! Most people wear 10% of their clothing 90% of the time. My wardrobe development system will:

  • Organize your closet

  • Created new outfits and combinations from clothing you already own

  • Insures you have clothing for your lifestyle

  • Insures you have clothing for every occasion in your life

  • Have lists of clothing and accessories you need to create your best look

  • Have a “remember” list of what garments to combine with your other garments

You will have a perfectly coordinated, perfectly workable, and everything wearable wardrobe.

Premiers Collection Skin Care Cosmetics

Our skin is the largest working organ of the body and performs more functions than any other organ.  It is our temperature gauge, protects our internal organs, breaths, exfoliates dead cells and protects us from bacteria and the environment. It does so much for us; we must protect it and keep it in good condition so it can perform its many functions. Premiere Collection Skin Care products are designed and created by Colleen Moon to address and help correct the problems people have with their skin. So if you have

  • Sensitive skin

  • Oily skin

  • Dry skin

  • Aging skin (loss of elasticity)

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Blemished/acne skin

For the health of your skin, you need to

  • Exfoliate = Mask “Daily”DWDA4293

Reduce pore size

Minimize fine lines

Improve skin color

Firm and tighten

Cleanses skin

Lightens Brown Spots

           (All Skins)

  • Hydrate

Soaks cell to improve cell health

Anti bacterial acidic formula

Controls duplicating bad messages

           (All Skins)

  • Moisture

Thickens skin to reduce signs of age

Retains skin natural moisture

Draws moisture from the air and plumps skin

           (All Skins)

  • Repair

Products that work on existing damage

Controls existing problem and reduces future damage

Systems geared to individual problems, pick the skin problem

Choose a product system as your solution

  • Protection

Products that shield your skin from the environmental damage

Makeup Base


           (All Skins)

Makeup Design, Technique and Application

I will teach you the basics of creating you makeup looks for:

  • Casual or daytime wear

  • The office

  • An evening affair

  • For those glamour occasions

I will help you move from one decade to the next for looks for your 20’s through your 70’s and beyond!

Personal Style Assessment

My personal stylizing system will teach you how to choose clothing that will always flatter your figure.  No one has a “perfect” body so your goal will be to learn what styles are most complimentary to your body proportions. So if you have a:

  • Long waist

  • Short waist

  • Thin legs

  • Narrow sloping shoulders

  • Protruding derriere

  • Protruding abdomen

I help and teach you what styles you will choose to minimize the focus on those figure considerations and maximize your overall look to create a harmonious and balanced look. The purpose and focus of dressing effectively is to lead the people with whom you come in contact to look at your face and be able to hear what you have to say without being distracted by some element of you clothing or jewelry. We will discuss what style/s of clothing and for which occasions you will want to wear them.

  • Casual

  • Business

  • Classic

  • Feminine

  • Trendy

Personal Shopping

Whether I shop with you or for you, anticipate a hassle free experience.

Gift Certificates

Give a one-of-a-kind gift to that special person or maybe even to yourself.